Staad Foundation Advanced

Comprehensive foundation software

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Perpetual Licence

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Virtuoso Annual Subscription

Each 12 month subscription comes  with a number of “keys” which can be exchanged for online training.

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Additional keys may be purchased.

Cloud Service Subscription

A subscription that is set to your anticipated usage.

  • One licensing model for all your needs
  • Monthly debits based on peak usage
  • Fast and flexible to fit your project and your budget
  • All the benefits of SELECT included

STAAD Foundation Advanced

STAAD Foundation Advanced is a comprehensive structural foundation design and analysis software application that includes specialized capabilities specific to foundation projects of all types. STAAD Foundation Advanced can be used on isolated, combined, pile cap and mat foundations or more complex foundations including horizontal vessel foundations, tank annular ringwall, lateral analysis of pile/drilled piers, and vibrational analysis for machine foundations.

Engineers and designers use STAAD Foundation Advanced for their foundation projects including those for building, plant, and tower foundations.  With STAAD Foundation Advanced you can produce advanced calculation reports with to-the-scale footing sketches, graphs, and formulae with code reference along with CAD exportable detail, schedule, and general arrangement (GA) drawings.

Certain functionalities from STAAD Foundation Advanced software are available in STAAD Advanced software. But to experience the full functionality that STAAD Foundation Advanced provides, such as mat foundations, you will need to buy a license of Structural WorkSuite or STAAD Foundation Advanced.

Integrate common footing designs

The software integrates all common footing designs including isolated footings, combined footings, pile-cap arrangement and design, octagonal footings, mat foundations, vibrating machine foundation, drilled pier foundations, and guyed tower foundations. The plant foundation mode in STAAD Foundation Advanced contains vertical vessel, horizontal vessel foundations with different shapes, and configurations along with annular ring foundation for self or mechanically anchored tanks, and laterally loaded drilled pier analysis.

Import and export

You can seamlessly integrate STAAD Foundation Advanced with STAAD.Pro, ISM (Integrated Structural Modeling) and Microsoft Excel. Any analyzed STAAD.Pro file can be imported into or exported to STAAD Foundation Advanced, while automatically bringing in all column positions (and/or plates), dimensional properties, support reactions, and loads. Changes made to the column positions or loads can be re-imported to evaluate the substructure. You can import and export data from spreadsheets.

Perform Finite Element Analysis

STAAD Foundation Advanced designs complex foundations using its object-based modeling environment via the mat foundation module. Whether it is rectangular, complex polygonal, circular, or includes openings, you can model, analyze, design, and produce drawings. STAAD Foundation Advanced leverages 3D FEM analysis and employs an innovative technique to optimize reinforcement requirements.

Generate detailed plan, elevation, and sectional views

You can generate detailed drawings that include plan, elevation, and sectional views with rebar marks. Schedule drawing gives a summary table for design results. GA drawings include all the footings designed in the project to scale with grid lines and grid marks that help identify interference.

Annual Subscriptions include:
12-month subscription license, including 3-5 Keys

  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
  • Easily model foundations from simple to complex
  • Reduce rework and eliminate errors
  • Simplify challenging scenarios such as vibrating machine foundations
  • Integrate your foundation design with the rest of the projects