MicroStation for CAD Users

MicroStation for CAD Users

Who is this course for?

This fast-paced course is aimed at those with some experience of another CAD application to quickly migrate their existing skills to MicroStation. Drawing on the similarities and concepts across CAD packages, this course will quickly bring you up to speed with MicroStation CONNECT Edition’s 2D functionality.

What will you learn?

Our MicroStation  training is led by instructors with a wealth of industry expertise, who have first-hand experience in using the software on the job. You will follow practical exercises that have been developed in the perspective of a real project scenario, enabling you to learn the tools and techniques and their associated workflows in a familiar context. This introductory-level course introduces the fundamental aspects of the software utilised in its day-to-day use.

What: Practical hands-on exercises in the context of a real project.

Length: 2 days

Time: 9:30 – 4:30

Where: Online or in-person


Main topics include:

  • The Welcome Page and Work Page
  • The Ribbon Interface
  • Mouse controls
  • Navigating within the 2D design file
  • View manipulation and control
  • Drawing tools and techniques
  • Manipulating and modifying elements
  • Selection techniques
  • The Fence and Stretch tools
  • Creating and defining settings for a new drawing
  • Managing and working with levels
  • Precision input using AccuDraw
  • Controlling and using AccuSnap
  • Drawing symbols and creating Cells
  • Measurement tools
  • Colour fills, patterns and hatches
  • Reference file attachment and manipulation
  • Reference file operations
  • Setting up a drawing sheet
  • Text placement and modification
  • Dimensioning and labelling drawings
  • Understanding symbology overrides
  • Printing and outputting


  • 3rd/4th
  • 25th/26th


  • 1st/2nd
  • 23rd/24th


  • 4th/5th
  • 19th/20th


  • 2nd/3rd
  • 23rd/24th


  • 1st/2nd
  • 23rd/24th


  • 4th/5th
  • 19th/20th

MicroStation Essentials

MicroStation CONNECT update

MicroStation Everything 3D

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Our MicroStation for Cad Users 2-day course is for those looking to gain the confidence to use the software with ease in a tailored, supportive environment. No experience is necessary, and we’ll have you drawing plans within the first hour of your class, whatever your ability. You will learn 2D tools with a demonstration of 3D capabilities.

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