OpenSite Designer

Site design software

Flexible pricing options so you have the perfect fit for your design needs.

Perpetual Licence

This is the traditional means of licensing your software. This is a purchase of an asset alongside an optional annual SELECT support agreement

Purchase once — maintain yearly

With SELECT maintenance you get:

  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Immediate access to new version updates
  • Network licence sharing
  • Access to online learning

Purchase once – own forever

Spread the cost over two or three years

Virtuoso Annual Subscription

Each 12 month subscription comes  with a number of “keys” which can be exchanged for online training.

  • Fast and cost-effective named-user licensing
  • Buy online for speedy delivery
  • See below to choose and checkout
  • Immediate access to new versions
  • Inclusive “keys” for customisable training and support

Subscriptions include a number of ‘Keys’ (much like tokens) that can be redeemed for expert services and training.

Additional keys may be purchased.

Cloud Service Subscription

A subscription that is set to your anticipated usage.

  • One licensing model for all your needs
  • Monthly debits based on peak usage
  • Fast and flexible to fit your project and your budget
  • All the benefits of SELECT included

OpenSite Designer

OpenSite Designer is an application made for site design and engineering. You can quickly identify constraints early, understand financial implications and project feasibility, and produce optimized solutions to meet your client’s needs.  Whether your land development project is commercial, residential, or industrial; easily work with other project stakeholders to meet demands from survey to plan production. And you can ensure data-rich BIM deliverables to help you advance BIM workflows in a digital twin authoring environment while also creating all traditional and digital design deliverables.

Develop site designs quickly

Create and optimize multiple design scenarios in days, not weeks, for commercial, industrial, residential, and campus projects. Using auto-drawing capabilities and dynamic 3D modeling, conceptualize and detail building pads, parking lots, sidewalks, streets, and other design features. Ensure high-quality design deliverables with automated production of drawings using design constraints, design-time visualization, dynamic annotation, and automated plan production based on the live model. As the design changes, the multidiscipline documentation sets are automatically updated.  And ensure data-rich BIM deliverables to help advance BIM workflows in a digital twin authoring environment while also creating all traditional and digital design deliverables.

Design in context

Understand existing conditions, accelerate modeling workflows, and make better design decisions by easily integrating point clouds, reality meshes, photogrammetry, total station surveys, and terrain into design and construction models.

Optimize earthwork and site layout

Investigate site layout options quickly with parametric drawing capabilities of parking lots, buildings, drives, and walkways. Design changes are easy due to dynamic interaction of elements. Next, optimize earthwork using a grading solver that runs thousands of iterations based on designer-defined constraints to find the best cost of construction. Evaluate results and respond to project stakeholder feedback quickly.

Analyze feasibility of parcel layout and grading

Use automated parcel layout and grading tools to identify project risks associated with earthworks, zoning, and client requirements.

Annual Subscriptions include:
12-month subscription license, including 3 Key

  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
  • Create detailed concepts and budgets in hours
  • Provide risk assessment in 48 hours
  • Automate manual work to reduce design time by 20%
  • Design and analyze drainage and underground utilities
  • Produce realistic visualizations, no extra fees or staff