MicroStation CONNECT – Update 14

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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 – new features and enhancements
Cadventure is excited to announce the arrival of the latest release of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14.
This latest release addresses users’ frequently requested features, and includes the following enhancements to support your BIM workflow, improve your user experience, and deliver better product performance.
Some new features:
  • Apply 2D Constraints to Mid-point of Elements
  • Create a Non-Orthogonal Cut in a Solid
  • Choose a Mode to Offset Solid Edges
  • Define Jobs on Levels in Nested References
  • Hide Thumbnail Preview for Files on the Work Page
  • Access ‘Help’ in the Top-Right section of the Ribbon
  • Add or Remove an Element to Named Presentation(s) in the Properties Dialog
  • Use the iTwin Synchronizer to synchronise changes in a design file to an iModel in the iModelHub.
How do I get Update 14?
Simply download Update 14 from the “My Support” section of the Bentley Systems Software Downloads centre.
Want to know more – or still using V8i version?
Cadventure can advise on the new upgrade and offers a full V8i to CONNECT migration service.

We help you to plan and deliver your migration strategy with CONNECT workspace, tailored administrator and user-update training, roll-out programme and support options.

Please contact us today on 020 7436 9004 or email us to discuss your requirements.


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