Watch the Cadventure webinar ‘From Concept to Completion’

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Solving software interoperability issues with a streamlined technology stack

With effective communication and collaboration being at the heart of any successful business, we posed the question – ‘are you making the most of your technology to streamline your Design to Construction workflows?’

In our 90-minute workshop we demonstrated how to deliver complete, seamless design-to-construction workflows that work on a single open file format, while conforming to international data standards compliance.

Focussing on Bentley Systems solutions, we covered a range of topics from site analysis and master planning to design delivery and handover.

If you missed the webinar, you have not missed out – you can watch a recording of the session:


If you would like more information about Bentley Sytems, or to discuss any of your other software and training requirements, please call us on 0207 436 9004, or email us.

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