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Cadventure Digital Intelligence Conference / Speakers / Elin Kågas Ramström

Elin Kågas Ramström

Business Developer Digitalization Rail & Road, Tyréns

Elin is a Business Developer with a focus on digitalization in rail and road. Currently, she is leading Tyréns Division Rail & Roads digitization investment. She has implemented iTwin first in Sweden and won the Founders Honoree for Digital Adoption at the Year in Infrastructure in Sweden’s biggest railway project for which she was head of BIM.

Elin is known for her ability to translate “tech-talk” to “business-talk”. She is passionate about innovation and digital transformation in the transportation industry and is committed to driving positive change through her work.

12:15 – 12:45

How to enable digitalisation and innovation within the AEC industry, and how the Bentley User Group contributes

Elin Kågas Ramström, Business Developer Digitization Road & Rail, Tyrens

During this session Elin will talk about Tyréns’ Innovation programme, and how Tyréns works with digitization in the core business to both create a good digital work environment and better business. She will also discuss how the user group is necessary to accelerate digitalisation.

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08:45 until 18:30

Wednesday 28 February, 2024.

8 Bishopsgate