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Cadventure Digital Intelligence Conference / Speakers / Greg Demchak

Greg Demchak

Senior Director, Digital Innovation Lab (iLab), Bentley Systems

Greg Demchak is a software designer, entrepreneur, and technology evangelist with a focus on human-computer interactions with 3D/4D digital information models of the built world. He worked extensively on the design of Revit (BIM), Synchro (4D Planning), and iTwin for Unreal Engine (Industrial Metaverse) and is currently running the Digital Innovation Lab (iLab) at Bentley Systems.

He is currently living in London, exploring the emerging digital twin landscape in the context of leveraging open platforms for innovation. He holds a Batchelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon and a master’s degree from the MIT School of Architecture.

14:30 – 15:00

How spatial computing and the industrial metaverse can unlock new value for the design, construction and operations of infrastructure projects

Greg Demchak, Senior Director, Digital Innovation Lab, Bentley Systems

Spatial computing and the industrial metaverse are emerging technologies that enable immersive and interactive experiences. These technologies can offer significant value for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure projects, such as bridges, roads, railways, and buildings.

The obvious benefit is the enhanced collaboration and communication among stakeholders, such as engineers, architects, contractors, and clients, across different locations and devices. Improved collaboration can lead to improved design and planning, allowing users to visualize, simulate, and test different scenarios and alternatives in a realistic and scalable environment.

Furthermore, digital rehearsals increase efficiency and safety, by reducing errors, rework, and waste, and by providing feedback, guidance, and training for workers and operators based on direct experience of the digital twin.

Finally, these 3D experiences can optimize performance and maintenance, by enabling remote monitoring, inspection, and diagnosis of assets, and by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence, we can introduce co-pilots to augment the users.

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08:45 until 18:30

Wednesday 28 February, 2024.

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