Solibri 9.12.15 release highlights

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Solibri 9.12.5 Release Highlights: Easy distribution of customised rules and views

Solibri version 9.12.5 enables sharing of customised rules, views and information via company extensions. This makes it easier for organisations to manage their project requirements.

Solibri Developer Platform (SDP) provides various ways to customise Solibri and access model information. SDP and its API’s can be used for creating customised rules, views, settings, and information for Solibri Office. It is beneficial for organisations with specific BIM quality or model requirements that are harder to meet with the default rules and information that comes with Solibri. Starting from this release, it is possible to bundle the customised rulesets and views and share them via company extensions.

This means the customised resources can be more easily distributed within the company via Solibri Solution Center (SSC).

SDP consists of Solibri API landscape, documentation package and dedicated discussion forum for developers to customise Solibri. The SDP itself can be utilised by users with advanced Solibri knowledge, as well as development capabilities, or 3rd party development companies in the AEC area.


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