STAAD Advanced Concrete

Advanced concrete design software

Boost your return on software investment by combining the power of popular structural analysis applications with robust concreted design.

STAAD is one of the most widely used design software and structural analysis solutions, globally. This is because It can apply more than 90 international steel, concrete, timber, and aluminium design codes making it a powerful and flexible solution for Design engineers.

This seamless connectivity  helps  improve collaboration between the different disciplines involved in a project.

Because every firm has different needs, there are flexible STAAD variations: 

  • STAAD.Pro – The most basic STAAD option including FEM analysis and physical modeling
  • STAAD.Pro Advanced – Adds more advanced and complex analysis
  • Structural WorkSuite – The most popular structural applications in a single, cost-effective license
  • STAAD Foundation Advanced
  • STAAD Advanced Concrete

Meet Global Design Standards

With STAAD Advanced Concrete your designs and output will be compliant with India (IS), United Kingdom (GB), Europe (EC), or United States (ACI) design standards.

Design Concrete Elements

Design walls, columns, and beams in a programmed and collaborative workflow. Maintain full control of your designs by setting individual design parameters.

Produce Detailed Design Drawings

Using STAAD Advanced Concrete you can easily create detailed design drawings for beam line elevations, column line elevations, automatic cross section details, and bar termination geometry.

Which STAAD is right for you?

STAAD ProSTAAD Pro AdvancedStructural WorkSuiteSTAAD Foundation AdvancedSTAAD Advanced Concrete
3D structural analysis and design softwarePowerful foundation design softwareComprehensive structural software suiteFoundation design and analysis softwareAdvanced concrete design software
Quickly solve the most complex analysis and design problemsDesign virtually any type of foundation, from basic to the most complexTake advantage of trusted applications like STAAD and RAMIncludes capabilities specific to foundation projects of all typesCombines the power of popular structural analysis applications with robust concreted design
– Increase productivity
– Collaborate and deliver safe and cost-effective designs
– Efficiently create foundation design and documentation
– Streamline your projects
– Integrate your workflows with a single software suite– Needs a license of Structural WorkSuite or STAAD Foundation Advanced– Meet Global Design Standards
– Design Concrete Elements
– Produce Detailed Design Drawings